The Mercedes Benz brand has been branching out in the type of vehicles they offer in America. But this doesn’t mean that they’re cutting down on the quality of their products. The new Mercedes Benz Sprinter is both high quality and luxurious as well as functional.

Just as Luxurious as a Mercedes

Even though the Mercedes sprinter is designed for family use, it still holds quality to the highest standards. In order for you to understand why this is such an amazing van, we’ve listed a few features that stand out;

6 Key Features

Dual-Sliding Doors

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter comes with dual rear sliding doors making it easy for passengers to get in an out of the car with ease. There is also an option to have power sliding doors, which can open and close on their own.

Children Passenger Seats

This Mercedes Benz Van is designed to be very family friendly. Located in the two rear seats are latches which can help anchor children seats. This makes it very easy to install children seats with ease, without worrying if you may damage the car or not have the children seat located in right.

Attention Assist Mode

The attention assists feature allows the Mercedes to detect if the driver is getting sleepy. It processes that you’re sleepy through the way you drive if you tend to steer a little wobblier a little icon of a coffee cup will show up and let you know you should probably take a break.

Mercedes Styled

The Mercedes Sprinter is still a Mercedes. Many of the features in this van is edited to look both family friendly while still retaining similar traits of original Mercedes Benz cars.

Make it More Luxurious

The company allows you to make the choice of changing up the interior of your car. If you’re not pleased by the standard appearance of the interior of your van you can change it up to include chrome trim, front lighting, comfort suspension, and extra carpeting. They also take other requests for interior designs. See more.

Flexible Cup Holders

While this may not be the most amazing feature, the Mercedes van also includes cup holders. There are 6 cup holders in the vehicle, and if you don’t want them there then you can simply take them off as they are detachable.

Why You Should Think of Getting One

There aren’t many luxury vans available in America, especially ones that are family friendly. Just because you have a large family does not mean you can’t have a stylish and luxurious vehicle. The Mercedes Benz brand wants to ensure that anyone who purchases this car will be satisfied with it and can easily customize the interior design to their liking. While you may still be a bit skeptical, we suggest that you look at some pictures of this amazing family friendly luxury car and see what types of interior designs are available.


The Mercedes Benz Van is a unique new idea coming from top-ranking car companies. Who says just because you have family, friends, and ultimately need more space, that you can’t travel looking fancy and classy. This passenger van is perfect for families who want to show off a nice sleek design and have adequate space within the car. Learn more details at: