Who doesn’t like a Mercedes Benz van? There have been many vans recently that have gotten people talking but it seems the new Sprinter is the one that’s creating so much chatter. You cannot blame people for being as excited as Sprinter has been a very popular option for millions worldwide. However, what about the new 2018 Sprinter? What are you going to get with this new model?

New Weight Capacities

With the 2018 Sprinter, drivers will be able to get a front wheel variant rather than the rare wheel variant which is a nice addition to say the least. What is more, the payload of the van has jumped up another fifty KG which is fantastic. What is more, there is a nice new designed transmission. You have the ability to get a beautiful six speed manual transmission along with a nine speed automatic, depending on what your needs are. The engine looks very impressive with power ranging from one ten BHP to around one eighty eight BHP. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is certainly an impressive model and one that offers so much.

Interior Designs

The interior of the Sprinter looks really quite nice. You have lovely ergonomic seats along with an impressive keyless start engine. That saves you so much hassle when it comes to keys and all sorts of troubles you can have with breakages and everything else. What is more, you get some nice technology included with the Sprinter and there is a Wi-Fi feature as well. When you buy a Mercedes Benz van you are getting far more than you bargained for. There are also some new safety features to play around with which is great for those who want additional safety. Check here.

New Additions

You will find there are a reversing camera on show which is great when it comes to parking and reversing. What is more, the camera is actually self cleaning which will ensure you don’t have too much trouble when it comes time to park. However, you have a nice wet wiper system which helps for maximum visibility which is ideal for bad weather conditions. What is more, it looks very clean and modern. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is a very nice model and certainly one that has so much on show. It’s modern but it still feels very classical in many senses.

Style with a Reasonable Price Tag

For any new vehicle the costs are going to be a major concern but the costs here aren’t as bad as you’d think. What is more, you can get a really good and reasonable cost and there is plenty of style on show. You will love how the new Mercedes Sprinter looks and while there are some new features, you still know it’s a Sprinter. Far too many people don’t realize how much quality they can get with a Sprinter but this is surely able to offer you far more bang for your money. The Mercedes Benz van is a fantastic little option to consider today. For more details, visit: www.sprinterguyboston.com