10- Mercedes-Benz 413 Van 19 + 1

Investment is high, but if the driver able to fill the van, the return is guaranteed so the Mercedes Benz sprinter definitely is one of the best options. The Sprinter 413 19 + 1 takes, as the name says, 19 passengers, all with the seat belt. The diesel engine of 2.15 liters yields 129 horsepower. The ‘bus’ is also great, with 6.99 m long, 4.02 m and wheelbase for this sprinter van.

9-  Ford Transit

The Transit is imported from Turkey, but has a good network of Ford dealerships for sales and service. It comes with diesel-powered engine with 2.4 liters and 115 horsepower. There is only one version for passengers, with capacity for 14 people. A differential that children may like is the glass sunroof.

8-  Renault Master

By R $ 900 unless the Ford van, the driver can come out with a Renault Master, able to take two more children. The 2.5 liter engine generates 115 horsepower. By default, the Master can already be adapted for school transport, with special belts for children under 14 years. Plus the option for up to 16 passengers, there are still versions for 19 and 22 students.

7- Fiat Ducato Minibus

In line 2010, the Fiat Ducato has a new engine, called Multijet Economy. It is powered by diesel engine with 2.3 liters and 127 horsepower. In Minibus version, it is capable of carrying 16 passengers. The Ducato offers an optional dual air conditioning with cooling at the front and the passengers independently. Furthermore, the door can open at 270 °, function also offered separately.

6-Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

One feature that the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 313 has is choice for the buyer: with short wheelbase, long, low roof, high-four seating configurations this sprinter van is perfect for those who do not need such a huge space. The smallest of them can take nine children, but there is also the option of 12, 15 and 16. The engine is the same diesel 2.15 liters of 129 hp. See more here!

5- Fiat DucatoCombinato

Who also will reappear in the list is the Fiat Ducato, now in version Combina to cheaper. Price lower results in less capacity, this time for 10 passengers. The engine is the same as the Minibus version, with 2.3 liters and 127 horsepower.

4-  Citroën Jumper

The Citroën Jumper is a Fiat Ducato. It is that with the Peugeot Boxer, our next list of the van, are made in the same factory, but each with its visual characteristics. The two French marks, however, offer only 16 passenger version. In mechanics, all is exactly the same.

3-   Peugeot Boxer

There is not much to add. Peugeot Boxer closes the trio with the same mechanics of the Fiat Ducato and Citroën Jumper and also with a capacity of 16 passengers. The difference is the lion, symbol of the brand, which graces the front grille.

2-  CNAuto Topic

The name you already know. The topic was sold by Asia in the early 90s and still today is seen on the doors of schools with the famous yellow stripe on the sides. But since 2008, in the hands of CN Auto, the Chinese Jimbei sells his van in Brazil appropriating brand. The engine is gasoline with 2.2 liters and 102 horsepower. There is also the option to install a CNG kit at the dealership. Next to the Renault Master is one of the coming adapted plan for school transport. The Jimbei Topic may take 13-16 children.

1-Volkswagen VW Van

I bet a lot of people who are hiring a school van for your kids today already went to school in a Volkswagen van. After all, the ‘Old Lady’ long reigned absolute in Brazil. It is also the cheapest and the only flex of our list. The engine of 1.4 liters generates 78 hp and 80 hp gasoline with alcohol. There versions nine, 12 and 15 children.

It is always a good idea to invest in one of the most traditional options though – the sprinter van! and you can get more info here: http://sprinterguyboston.com/